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Leading and deciding

To ensure that these decisions can be made in a timely and confident manner, it is essential to assign clear roles and specific responsibilities. Each stakeholder, whether shareholder, board member or manager, must play their specific role and fulfil their duties. It is important to establish this balance, which is key for the company’s long term survival. Otherwise, the lack of clarity and objectivity of decisions leads to frustration and misunderstanding in the decision making process.

This kind of situation is particularly frequent in family companies, where history and personal relationships complicate the decision making process. A clear separation of business and family is essential to avoid conflicts and is needed to ensure the continuity of the family assets.

Tailor made models

To make sure that your business runs smoothly, we help you design a formal governance model that fits your specific situation and culture. With clearly defined responsibilities, management, board members and shareholders are able to play their roles effectively and with confidence.

We help you set up effective governance

Several events in the life of a company provide opportunities to review the governance model such as major changes in management or the board of directors.

Pressure comes from various sources. For example, when governing bodies experience a conflict situation and/or stalemate that leads the company to lose its dynamism. Or when there is general dissatisfaction among employees. Or simply at the demand of shareholders.

Whatever the situation, effective and appropriate governance is essential. This is where we can help you. Our extensive experience in companies of all sizes and our in-depth knowledge of management mechanisms enable us to offer you proven governance models.