SMS Marketing

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Acquire new customers by mobile:

For a long time marketers have used e-mailing in their communication strategies.

Dynamic layout, ability to argue, good visualization, e-mailing remains the favorite weapon of advertisers.

However, email marketing today faces competition from a powerful tool that is often overlooked by advertisers: the SMS marketing campaign.

The advantages of an SMS marketing campaign

– The SMS marketing campaign is quick to set up: no graphic design, a very short message: in a few minutes, you have created your message.

– The SMS marketing campaign is effective: read at 92%, the SMS is a medium that keeps its promises despite the brevity of the message (or thanks?).

– The SMS marketing campaign is very inexpensive: no creation costs, very low sending costs (15 cents).

– The SMS marketing campaign is immediate: less than 10 min to carry out a global SMS campaign, sending is immediate and allows all types of messages: promotions, discounts, information…

– The SMS marketing campaign is reactive: immediate feedback, sending at the right date and time, no communication today allows so much reactivity.